1. So I am going to have to bow out of the WOD as I once again have a back injury and will be visiting the chiropractor today…. so ice, rest and Ibuprofen it is!
    Just so you know, these back injuries have nothing to do with CrossFit. I have severe progressive scoliosis, which I have had all my life but has gotten worse as I have gotten older, in fact, I have shrunken 2 inches in the torso in the last 15 years! I have needed back surgery for a while now and had it scheduled 2 years ago but had a surprise pregnancy come along 6 weeks before the surgery. Now I am waiting until our "surprise baby", Tyce, turns 3 (2 more years) to have the surgery to make it easier on my recovery. Until then, back injuries are just something that just randomly happens from a bad nights rest to throwing Tyce up in the air. I get adjusted and rest for a day and it is usually better for a while. CrossFit is actually helping my a lot by strengthening my core which helps my back tremendously.
    So now you know! 🙂
    Happy WODing.

  2. PS When I did this WOD in May, I got 6 rounds. (I am sure I could get at least 7 now- on a good day) 🙂

  3. my 5 yr old "helper" reset the stopwatch half way through…decided to comlete 7 rounds and call it good.

  4. P.S – I gained 6lbs over my Vegas week and this weekend … grateful for this blog to help shed these lbs!

  5. Oh man Jenni! What a bummer. These workouts have really helped me too. I haven't been as consistent as I'd like, but after seeing a few doctors and going to physical therapy for joint pain all through my lower right side before we moved here, I needed strength training big time. I rarely have that pain anymore and I know it's from working out. I hope you're feeling better soon! Two years must seem like a long time to wait when you were just 6 week away before! In the long run it'll be worth it though. But what are going to do without you?!?

    oh, and I did 7 rounds tonight

  6. Linds- If I can't post daily for a while, there will always be the WODs from April-July that you all can catch up on! 😉

  7. 9 rounds with 20lb kettle bell
    (20lbs feels infinitely harder than 10 or 15!!)

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