1. so.very.weak.

    i had no fire in me today, but I struggled through it.

    w/ modified burpees of course & I switched from pushups to dips for something different

  2. 12:14
    Had to rush to a dr. appt today, come home, eat lunch, get back into WOD clothes and DO IT!!

    …. PUSH IT!

  3. Britta- I used to HATE them a lot more than I do now. I have realized that the stronger I get, the easier they are, the less I hate them. 😉

  4. 14:12

    P.S Britta Ditta – I hate burpees too … and had weak form!

  5. Just realized that my time doing this WOD in May was 18:14. I am 6 minutes faster 4 months later!

  6. At first i thought i was at 13:38… But then realized I was one round short! Final time 15:13. Iove this workout!

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