1. 7:30 – with 20 lb. weights for deadlifts. But my knees to elbows were more like knees to armpits! Ha ha!

  2. Griffin – there's a video how-to if you scroll down on the right hand side. I'm so glad Jenni put examples, because I wouldn't know how to do anything without them.

    I only used 10 pound weights because I wasn't sure how strong I'd be, but I could have gone a little heavier, and my knees to elbows were knees to waist level, but a few weeks ago I don't think I would have even been able to hang from the bar and do nothing for that amount of time. I love seeing progress so fast!!!

  3. 12:50
    Going slow today. Trying to protect my back. Was happy that my knees are getting very close to my elbows! 🙂

  4. 60lbs dead lift and only made 3 sets with knees to elbows. last 2 sets I did sit-ups.
    Total time 8:37

  5. P.S I am still walking funny from yesterday's WOD !!

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