Friday 08.19.11

For time:
Dumbbell snatch  20 pounds, 30 reps (15 each arm)
Use 15 pounds, 25 pounds or  5 pounds as needed.

*if you don’t have a weight set, you can use a milk jug or anything you want.


  1. 2 minutes? Did I do that right??? I only used sissy 10 lb. weights. But I'm breathing heavy and I feel it!

  2. As soon as Jan. 11 comes around and I can get to working out again, I'll be giving this a shot Jenni! Looks great! And Britta- now don't you start looking even hotter and make me feel even pudgier!

  3. 4:07 with a 20lb dumbbell
    I really tried to focus on my form and be careful about what muscles I was using to hoist the weight so I didn't injure my back. I still got a good sweat out of it.

  4. Forgot to time myself, but it was pretty quick, which is good, because my legs are still on fire from yesterday and I don't think I could have lasted much longer.

  5. 2:22 w/ 10lb. dumbbell

    Was this AWKWARD for anyone else?

    Pushing the dumbbell up – fine.
    Squatting & pushing my arm down @ an angle – goofy!

    I need to work on my coordination!

  6. two or three minutes? SO GLAD today's was a quickie, I'm so sore from yesterday. that's what she said on this one all night long… 😉

  7. 1:43 with 6.6 pound dumbbells. Hopefully this will help my thighs which are killing me from yesterdays workout (and I only did the right 2 reps since it was my first day). Thanks for doing this Jenni…my daughter (who is 31 but has 5 kiddos) is doing this too. All I can say is wow…I've got a lot to work up to 🙂

  8. LOL @ Jamie!

    1:46 with 15lbs (couldn't lift 20lbs above my head)

  9. P.S Jennie I heart this blog and heart you! I didn't feel like doing my WOD but seeing everyones times here motivated me to do it! Same with Wednesday's WOD I would have quit had I not seen everyone elses times! Big THANK YOU!

  10. Jamie- You are killing me. I was cracking up for days! I even had to read it to Chris. 😉

    Ladies- I am so stoked on all of you. It feels so great to do this as a group, even though we are doing it individually… if that makes sense.

    All of you motivate me! 🙂

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