Tuesday 08.16.11

Run 5K = 3.10685 miles

Post your times! (This will be my first consecutive 3 mile run in a long time! I am NOT a runner!)

*For any of you that can’t get away from the house (I am going to put Tyce in the jogger), just choose any other WOD you want from the history and post your results on it’s comments.


  1. There is NO FREAKIN' WAY that I just ran a 5K straight out the gate! My mind said, "Your not a runner Jenni, I don't know if you can do this." But my body said, "say WHAT?!? Your crazy brain! She is a rock!"
    CrossFit is amazing. I haven't even run a mile straight in years. I know my time probably isn't impressive but I am so happy that I just ran 3.2 miles without stopping or slowing down. No way I could have done that 5 months ago.

    36:00 (9 minute miles?)

  2. That's so awesome Jenni! I tried to be a runner a few years ago and started training for a 10K, then had MAJOR knee pain. The Dr said I'm just not built to be a long distance runner, but if I strengthen my legs a whole lot, my knees shouldn't bother me.

    So since I'm totally out of shape at the moment I didn't dare test out my knees on a run, but I did sub my stair stepper PT exercises, 3 sets of 5 min, total of 15 min on the stair stepper.

  3. 12 minute miles! I thought it sounded too good to be true. Still proud that I did it. 😉 Does it count if I was pushing a 24lb baby in a double jogger?

  4. So not posting my time after ya'll, but I did it.

  5. Oh come on Jamie! You could have made me feel better about running it 10 minutes slower than Mary & Britta!! 😉

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