Thursday 04.02.20


HIIT Mama Lindsay
Harvest, Alabama

“Thank you! I started your 90 day challenge on my first day of exercise postpartum. It perfectly lined up and I was excited. It was tough going from pregnancy to consistent workouts, but I stuck it out! I was out sick for over a week during the last half, and it was hard coming back. But I did. Sometimes I had to force myself to get out into the garage and bust out a workout, but I was always so grateful when I was done. These workouts will become a regular part of my life, so thank you for making them available! I’m down 15 pounds and was able to knock 11 minutes off my 5k. Thanks for helping me kickstart my postpartum fitness journey! Here’s to many more fitness days ahead!”


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters
21 dumbbell thrusters, 15-20 lb dumbbells
12 pull-ups, assist as needed

Post time to comments.


  1. Diana juarez says:


    Band assisted pull ups

  2. 18:13 rings for pullups

    Had to come back and do it today since my names on it! ??

  3. 18:51, subbed pushups for pullups. 20# thrusters.

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