1. 16:00 singles
    1 mile run

    1. Whoops, I mean 14 minutes

  2. Shaundalee Morgan says:

    19:05 4x on singles
    For some reason those sit ups were hard for me to do fast.
    2 mile walk 3 mile run

  3. 31 minutes doing singles, half of total time struggling with the darn jump rope.+
    1 mile run

  4. Stephanie Gianchetta says:

    16:25 4× single

  5. 31:34 singles x 4 (The numerous bathroom breaks slowed me down ?)

    No time for 1 mile run, but so proud of myself for squeezing in this workout. It was a busy day, and in the past I would have just skipped the workout. Progress! ?

  6. I did 45 min cycle class instead

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