Monday 12.09.19

HIIT Mama Gillian

“I lost 8 pounds, an inch off my waist and half an inch off my hips! I feel awesome and not as tired. 10 more pounds and another inch off my waist and I’ll be back to pre-baby me! This is first time that I feel like my goal is within my grasp.”  -2013


For time:
15 squat cleans, 20-30 lbs.
30 knees-to-elbows
30 box jumps, 18-inch box
15 pull-ups, assist as needed
30 shoulders-to-overheads, 10-lb. dumbbells
30 double-unders (120 single but attempt double-unders!!)
15 thrusters, 20-30 lbs
30 butterfly sit-ups
30 burpees
300-foot walking lunge holding 20 lbs

Compare to 11.12.15

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  1. 24:01
    30# cleans.
    Subbed leg lifts for kte
    Jumping pullups
    15# dumbbell snatches
    30# thrusters
    15# lunges

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