Monday 06.24.19


For time:
2-minute handstand hold
Run 500 m
2-minute plank hold
Run 500 m
2-minute L-sit hold
Run 500 m

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  1. Lindsey Hunt says:


    Treadmill run (.30 each time)
    Handstand = knees up on the wall (has to take a quick break after :35!)
    Full plank
    L sit = tight v-sit for 2:00

  2. 20:22
    My running app was glitchy, so I ran more than 500 m each time.

  3. Diana juarez says:


    Asistes handstand hold had to take a brake after 1:38 min
    Hold plank for the full 2 min
    Haha try L sit drop after like 6 sec so switch to v hold and even then I wasn’t pretty ?

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