1. Diana juarez says:


    #50 cleans and jerks

  2. Ashley P. says:

    6 min bike each round bc treadmill wasn’t working
    30# clean and jerk (tried heavier and didn’t want to hurt my back ?)

  3. Nicole Cook says:

    32.39 with a 45lb bar

    I dont know how much change I’ve made in my body but I can tell I’m stronger. Running is easier (still have to baby it a little so I don’t get the shin splints again), and the cleans and pull ups all are getting easier so I’m able to make them harder.

  4. 25:59.
    Bar was only 28#.

  5. 34:40 walked the 1000ms and used 30lbs total

  6. 33:03, 30# clean and jerks. I think I could clean a higher weight but not jerk it.

  7. 27:10 with 45 lb bar
    I honestly wanted to skip today’s workout so bad but I’m glad I didn’t because for the first time in forever I felt strong as hell ??

  8. 26.13
    40# the first two rounds and 50# the third

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