1. Jessica Olsen says:

      Damn girl are you a sprinter?!

      1. Diana juarez says:

        Haha I wish !! I join this challenges and love them , For about 3 years that I started I have seen big changes and god addicted !Love seeing everybody else’s times and reps to compare since I workout in my garage and never been in a gym so this is AWESOME!

        1. Jessica Olsen says:

          Way to go momma ?????

          1. Diana juarez says:

            Right back at you !!???

  1. Ashley P. says:

    10# dumbbell

  2. 25:01/ first round with 20# medicine ball/2 rounds with 10# ball

  3. 27:14
    Dropped ball to 10# dumbbell
    Dropped squat out of clean last round-legs were jello!

  4. Jessica Olsen says:


    14lb ball


  5. Nicole Cook says:

    29.09 minutes. But dang these shin splints hurt bad. I wanted to run the extra mile but walked it. I really just wanted to stop after the WOD but I’m really motivated to loose this baby weight so I walked which is better then quitting ?‍♀️

  6. I cheated and I didn’t know it! I only did 15 wall balls…. I didn’t even do cleans ??‍♀️. Oops
    Well I worked out for 14:09 doing 15 15lb dumb bell “wall balls” then my 800’s.

  7. Man, I keep reading things wrong! Last week I did swuat snatches instead of cleans. Today I did wall balls instead of cleans, woops. Also ran 1,000 meters per round, for 41:28.

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