1. Diana juarez says:


    Push my self to do better than last year, a few second difference but feel accomplished!!!
    Happy new year

  2. Melissa Christensen says:

    Fastest time since I’ve started these workouts

  3. Stephanie says:

    Walked about 500m the last bit because of my ankles

  4. 4 miles done before I knew the WOD so I’ll use that. 45:14

  5. Stephanie james says:

    Since its showing and freezing, my kids and I made it only 1 mile walk
    24 min

  6. 49:44 but walked the whole thing. Starting from my absolute zero.

  7. 24:58 on the treadmill. Lots of ice here in Montana

  8. 39:15
    Walked when I had to

  9. 40:55 (run/walk) + another 2.13 miles walking the dog before.

  10. Larissa Ram says:

    38.23 – First 5k in 2 years. Run/walk 12:04 pace

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