Wednesday 06.06.18

For time:
50 weighted walking lunges, 20-40 lbs
100 butterfly sit-ups
100 hip raises
50 weighted walking lunges, 20-40 lbs

Compare to 06.05.17

Post time to comments.



  1. 17:08- lunges are my kryponite. I only did 15 pounds and it was haaaard. But I did it!

  2. Dawn McDaniel says:

    10# total dumbbells
    I only made it to 63 bfsitups. I couldn’t physical pull myself up anymore ?
    Lunges were a STRUGGGGGLE!!!

  3. 10:02. No weights on lunges because I just needed for four hours and I can’t handle walking up and down the stairs to get them ?

  4. 18:30 20# WL 37# hipraises

  5. 17:12 did OH lunges because it looked fun. 20lbs

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