Thursday 05.24.18

For time:
25 handstand push-ups
25 toes-to-bars
50 butterfly sit-ups
50 dumbbell box step-overs, 18 inch box
50-ft. right-arm dumbbell overhead lunge, 10-20 lb dumbbell
50-ft. left-arm dumbbell overhead lunge

Post time to comments.


  1. Didn’t time myself because I was working out with a friend. But got it done!

  2. 14:45
    Knees 2 bar
    12 inch box step over
    Chair HSPU

  3. 14:46
    Boss push-ups bec headache
    Toes to a bit past 90°
    BFSU with hands behind head
    20# box step overs
    10# lunges

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