Thursday 02.01.18


15-12-9 reps for time of:
Wall-ball shots, 10-lb. ball
Thrusters, 20-45 lbs
Post time to comments.


  1. Ran 1.93

    15# WB
    30# thrusters

  2. 6:44 k2e (and they were bad, first ones I’ve done since early pregnancy!), thrusters with 20#, didn’t have space or equipment for wall balls so I subbed … something for my abs (can’t remember what they’re called)

  3. Lynzi Humphreys says:

    19:03. RXd
    10# wall balls
    55# thrusters

  4. 5:57 with sit-ups, 20# kettlebell swings, and 20# thrusters

  5. 8:33

    Toes to hands on floor

  6. 6:36. I am a bit behind this week. I couldn’t get to the gym due to kids so I did toe touch crunches, squats and DB thruster with 25lb db.

  7. A little behind. Reverse leg curls on dip bar, 26lb kettlebell thrusters, 12 lb wall balls. Killer. 11:28

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