Thursday 01.25.18


4 rounds for time of:
100-foot walking lunge, carrying 30-lbs
30 box jumps, 18-inch box
20 pull-ups (assist as needed)

Compare to 11.19.15

Post time to comments.



  1. 19:14
    40lb lunges (30 lunges each round)
    Box jumps on bench
    40lb lat pull downs

  2. 20lb walking lunges
    30 box step ups
    20 lat pull downs for pull ups

    1. Whoops, I did it in 22 minutes

  3. Lynzi Humphreys says:

    30# lunges
    20″ jumps
    Chair assisted pullups

  4. 27:20. Did 30 lunges each round and kipping pull-ups until the last round I did jumping because my hands were about to tear.

  5. 2rounds
    Step ups no weight

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