Friday 01.19.18


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Dumbbell snatches, 10-20 lb dumbbells
Burpees, jumping over the dumbbell
Butterfly sit-ups
Donkey kicks, each leg

Post time to comments.



  1. 16:39. Used 30lb dumb bells. I don’t know if I am doing the donkey kicks right. I found a few videos online but they are different. Any chance you could post a video? Thanks!

  2. 21:10 only have 5# db’s

  3. 17:19
    20lb snatches (did each rep for each side, aka 21 on each side, 15 on each side, and 9 on each side)

  4. Lynzi Humphreys says:

    15# dumbbell

  5. 4kg dumbbells. 16:20.

    7:18 mile on treadmill after.

  6. 9:07
    20 lb. snatches
    Chest to floor burpees
    10 extra donkey kicks per leg
    (Several interruptions during the first round)

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