Friday 01.05.18


3 rounds for time of:
60 squats
30 knees-to-elbows
30 donkey kicks

Post time to comments.



  1. I’ve been doing half caf coffee this week bc I felt like this might be the first challenge…..buying decaf this weekend?

  2. 28:39 knees to elbows made me realize my grip strength sucks. Could you post a donkey kicks example?

  3. 24:02
    No bar, did kte lying down but with 10lb weight to keep it challenging

  4. Lynzi Humphreys says:

    My grip is also terrible! I’ll be happy when I have calluses built up. Will also be getting decaf 🙂

  5. 16:03
    That many Knees to elbows was hard!

  6. 13:48

    Modified knees-to-elbows by doing hanging leg raises – not quite ready for those yet!

  7. 22:14 then I rowed a mile 🙂 easy challenge for me since I’ve been off caffeine for 2 years ??

  8. 13:49

    I work midnights, so I’ll be sticking with caffeine on an as needed basis. Call it an occupational necessity.

  9. 28:30 Coming back after a few years of being away. So glad this is still going strong!!

  10. Only had time for 1 round
    Squats to floor
    Hanging knees to elbows
    30 per leg on the donkey kicks

  11. 12:03
    k2e on back using decline bench

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