Friday 12.15.17


21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift, 60 lbs
Handstand push-ups (scale as needed)

Compare to 12.15.16

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  1. 5:56. I woke up and saw the wod and thought “if I do dead lifts, I need to put on shoes, go down to the porch, switch the weights on the bar, and then I can exercise.” That’s probably not going to happen. So I did one arm deadlifts with a 10lb dumbbell instead and scaled the pushups on the ball with my two year old on my back (his idea, not mine). 22-16-10 so I could have even numbers on each side.

    1. *because it’s cold out and my room is warm and already had the dumbbells in it. My rambling didn’t make sense

      1. Tiffany Valentine says:

        I totally get it, good job for doing the single leg deadlift!!! Cold mornings stink!

  2. Tiffany Valentine says:

    40 # DL

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