Monday 10.16.17

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
12 walking-lunge steps
15 butterfly sit-ups
15 hip raises
5 push-ups

Compare to 10.14.16

Post rounds completed to comments.



  1. Only had 20 min
    10 rounds

  2. Didn’t time myself, but did three rounds with my 11 yo son. Did all exercises while holding my 16 1/2 lb 7 week old except girl push ups, which I focused on form and tried to go all the way down on. Modified sit ups for my split abs

  3. 16 rounds plus lunges and 8 BFSU
    10# weight on hips for hip raises

    1. Hiit Mamas says:

      All “boy” push-ups

  4. A few days behind but, completed 11 rounds.

  5. 11 rounds – modified push-ups. Next time push-ups!

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