Wednesday 10.04.17

For max reps and load:
2 minutes of push-ups
Rest 2 minutes
2 minutes of double-unders
Rest 2 minutes
2 minutes to find 1-rep-max back squat (how heavy can you go? Or max reps 40 lb squats)

Post reps completed and load squatted during each interval to comments.

Our hearts go all to all the families affected by the horrible senseless tragedy in Las Vegas. Our thanks go out to all the first responders, doctors, and nurses who have worked tirelessly to save any life they can.



  1. 67 push-ups
    254 SJR
    53 40# squats

  2. 50 push ups
    25 double unders
    35 back squats #40

  3. 55 push ups
    46 DU (one or two at a time)
    Only got weights to 80# for multiple reps, fumbling around tying to get to 100 when timer went off.

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