Tuesday 08.01.17

Complete as much as possible in 12 minutes of:
1 weighted squat, max load
5 medicine-ball cleans
2 weighted squats, max load
10 medicine-ball cleans
3 weighted squats, max load
15 medicine-ball cleans
4 weighted squats, max load
20 medicine-ball cleans

Etc., adding one squat and 5 med-ball cleans each round.

Use a 10-lb. ball for cleans and post loads for squats.

Post reps completed to comments.


  1. Did this last week;
    Made it through 7 pull-ups on round 9.
    Finished through 10 rounds after timer making it 275 WB & 55 pull ups

    Some pu unassisted some w/ purple band
    12# WB

    1. This workout doesn’t have pull-ups. ?

      1. Oops!! I saw the first part and thought it was like the one from the main site that had muscle ups in the WOD.
        So I did pull ups & WB each round.

  2. Made it to round 8 and completed the 8 squats.
    75 lb squats- alternating front and back

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