Thursday 07.27.17

5 rounds for time of:
200-meter farmers carry
20 deficit push-ups, hands on dumbbells
10 push jerks

Use 10-15-lb. dumbbells for the farmers carry and push jerks.

Post time to comments.



  1. 23:32

    Success is any workout for me….but a completed is better. Yes!

  2. 21:40
    30# farmers carry and PJ

  3. BRITTANY RYAN says:

    16:30 with Stephanie

  4. 21:28

    15# DB for walk and jerks
    Knee down pushups

  5. Forgot to set my timer.
    10lb dumbbells
    Girl push-ups
    45 lbs Push press, not jerk,

  6. 23:55

    20# (total) for walks and jerks

  7. 18:37
    35# total
    Modified since I did an arm day yesterday and I’m super sore

    10 deficit boy pu
    10 plank jacks on db
    10 single leg deadlifts w/ 1 db (5 ea leg)

    Did a 6th rd to come back around to right side of track
    22:34 for 6 rounds

  8. 32 ish, forgot to turn off my timer for a couple of minutes. Did 45# total farmers carry, subbed heel slides x20 and chest presses #20 x20 for push-ups bc of diastasis, and 20# push jerks. Only did four rounds.

  9. Stephanie James says:

    10# dumbbells
    Round 1,2,3 BPU 4,5 GPU

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