Monday 07.24.17

WOD Make Up Day

Today is your chance to make up a missed WOD…
Make up your own WOD…
Or pick a favorite WOD from the past!
Post to comments the WOD you did and your time. If you are making up a WOD, go back to that post and post your time on it so you can compare to it the next time we do it.  


  1. Was out of towall last week, so this was a good day! Did WOD from 7/19/17.

  2. “Dilly” from 5-1-17 random pick your WOD

    First round 12″ then down to 6″ my ankle was bothering me. First round and a half regular burpees, then only half burpees (no jump).

  3. 5 rounds for time
    10 back squats, 45 lbs
    10 girl push-ups
    400 meter run
    2 minutes rest

    Total time including last rest was 30 minutes.

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