Monday 07.17.17

For time:
50 box jumps, 18-in. box
50 kettlebell swings, 20-25 lbs
50 knees-to-elbows
50 wall-ball shots, 10-lb. ball
50 burpees

Post time to comments.


  1. 13:27
    10 lb. KB swings
    Half knees-to-elbows on the floor because of menstrual cramps
    Basketball wall ball
    Burpees to the floor.

    My 8-year-old son (whole thing minus knees-to-elbows) and 6-year-old daughter (bits and pieces) did this one with me!

  2. 13:42
    18″ step up w/ leg raise at top
    KTE on bar, touching knees every time!
    12# ball
    Full burpee w/ jump (except last 20 no jump)

  3. Back at this after almost three years of back to back to back pregnancies. Ready to get back in the game!


    25lb. Kettle bell
    12 inch box jump
    Knee to elbow on the floor
    8# wall ball

    OMG them burpees!

  4. 14:45, 13lb kb, 12 lb. Wall ball

    K2e on floor.

    Did in 5 rounds of 10 reps each because I was tired today. 🙂

  5. 22:25

    15# KB
    K2E on the floor
    10# thrusters for WB

  6. 22:47. 20# kb swing. Subbed side planks with leg raise for kte (diastasis), 10# thrusters for wall balls. Burpees in sets of ten, fist 25 with jumps last 25 without.

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