Wednesday 05.24.17

3 rounds for time of:
Run 300 meters
12 squat snatches, 30-45 lbs
21 push-ups

Post time to comments.


  1. 12:44
    25# KB (single arm snatch- did 12 ea arm, each time)
    Boy pu on bars

  2. Nissa Van Riper says:

    Wow, I underestimated the challenge of those squat snatches. I had 42# on the bar and immediately unloaded to 32# followed by another immediate unload to 22#.
    Mil push ups.

  3. 8:15
    20 lb. squat snatch
    Girl push-ups

  4. Is there a substitution for the squat snatch?

    1. Hiit Mamas says:

      You can do thrusters.

  5. 10:57, ran .2 miles each time, 12 lb dumbbell snatch (did 12 for each arm each time), girl push ups

  6. 15:16. Did dumbbell snatches with 10# each arm (for 12 totao,), then added a 20# front squat. Pushups were crunches with guidance and heel slides for my diastasis.

  7. 10ish. My timer got cleared
    45# squat clean thrusters
    First 10 of each round military push-ups

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