Tuesday 04.18.17

WOD Make Up Day

Today is your chance to make up a missed WOD…

Make up your own WOD…

Or pick a favorite WOD from the past!

Post to comments the WOD you did and your time. If you are making up a WOD, go back to that post and post your time on it so you can compare to it the next time we do it.  


  1. 11:55
    25 squats
    25 burpees
    50 walking lunges
    25 butterfly sit-ups
    25 donkey kicks (per leg)
    25 leg lifts
    25 hip raises
    1 minute plank
    1 minute side plank (each side)

  2. Ran 2.4 in 25:06 minutes.
    Got cut short due to rain but getting back to it. I’m so sad about how much progress I have lost in a few short months taking off. 🙁

  3. 20 Hollow Rock
    15 Ab Killers
    20 Toes 2 Sky
    15 Toe Touches
    5 squat jack
    3 burpees

    3 rounds in 12:13
    Abs were on fire!!

  4. 5 rounds for time of:
    5 cleans, 30-45 lbs
    10 butterfly sit-ups with 10 lb ball
    20 walking lunge steps

    10lb dumbells (20# total)
    10# ball

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