Thursday 04.13.17

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
15 pull-ups
15 hip raises

Post rounds completed to comments.


  1. Did on Monday
    4 rounds + 400m + 12 pu
    Finished 5th round after timer

    Purple band
    20 # one legged hip raises

  2. 4 rounds with 40 seconds to spare. I had to do chair assisted pull-ups.

  3. Ronna James says:

    Finished 6 rounds in 20:09
    jumping pull-ups

    Completed Tuesdays wod after this one.

    Then did a mile cool down.

  4. 4 rounds with 40 seconds to spare. Added 10 sit ups to each round

  5. 6 rounds but did pushups instead of pull ups.

  6. Me: 4 rds plus run
    Hubby: 5rds last Rd pushups
    Son: 6 rds last two pushups

  7. 7 rounds
    all my kids were still asleep so I subbed push-ups (girl) for pull-ups so I could do it all outside.

  8. 5 rounds plus :30 running
    Half jumping pull ups, half girl push ups

  9. Nissa Van Riper says:

    4 rounds with 1:30 left so I did another 400 meters.

    Red and black bands and I still can’t get full pull ups. :/

  10. 4 rounds
    Band assist PUs
    Single leg hip raises

  11. Four rounds even. Jumping pullups.

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