Tuesday 04.04.17

6-9-12-9-6 reps for time of:
Burpees over the bar
Front squats, 45-60 lbs
Chest-to-bar pull-ups, assist as needed

Post time to comments.


  1. 14:32
    15lb kb for 30lb total
    Pu on TRX bands

  2. 9:54
    Black band pull-ups

  3. 12:02
    Full burpees
    First and last round (6’s) pull ups unassisted
    Rounds 2-4 (9-12-9) purple band

  4. Nissa Van Riper says:

    18:51. You guys are so fast!

    40# is the most weight I have

    Red and black bands on rings but I still can’t get a pull up. So I did about half at the extention end of the range (from hanging) and half at the contraction end (from a bench, some with a tiny toe push off).

  5. 6:45
    Full burpees
    20 lb. squats
    Hop pull-ups

    1. Ok Britta, time for heavier weights! ??
      Love, your sister. ❤️?

  6. Ronna James says:

    Ran 4 miles

    full burpees
    45# front squat
    jumping pull-ups

  7. 12:38
    Regular burpees
    Front squats with 20# free wt
    Deadlifts 60# for pull-ups to help learn form

  8. Stephanie James says:

    Sub GPU

  9. 24:40
    Burpees kiss the floor over 18″ bar
    Heaviest front squat to date: 75 lbs, those took some time!
    Band assist chest to bar pull-ups

  10. 13:48

    Burpees with lateral hop. Tried to stay high on the hop.
    45# front squat My form was not great. Need to take some time with light front squats to work on high elbows & get lower.

    Pull ups on a rack bar.

  11. Me: 19:12. 60# front squat

    Husband: 22:14 135# front squat

  12. 6-9-12
    Burpees to the floor hopped over squat bar
    First set of squats was 65#, no rack so had to lift to my chest myself, struggled getting it up but once I got it up I could do it. Decided I might injure my back with no rack and dropped weight to 45# for the other sets.
    Jump pull ups but got my chest to bar
    Feels good to be back
    Couldn’t finish last two sets, my three year old wasn’t staying where I could see her.

  13. 13:05
    20# front squat
    Jumping pull ups, chin above bar but not quite to chest.

  14. Did an extra WOD on 7-25-17 for 9:42
    Only had 20# DB
    Knee down push-ups

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