Tuesday 02.28.17

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
1 minute plank
12 push presses, 20-45 lbs
50 double-unders (sub: 200 single)

Post rounds completed to comments.


  1. Hiit Mamas says:

    10 lb dumbbell snatch (I need heavier dumbbells)

    So excited for the new site!!

  2. Only 3 rounds 🙁
    15# lb
    100 singles because I am slooooow!

  3. 40 jr shy of 5 complete rounds (finished after timer)
    40# PP
    25 tuck jumps/100 singles

    I love that the WOD was posted before I went to sleep last night!! Thank you!

    1. I love that, too! Helps me prep for the next morning

  4. 4 rounds through all the push press of fifth round. 30#. Modified the heck out of it for pregnancy, but still got a good work out!

  5. 5 rounds
    20 lb. push press
    Single jump ropes
    Last plank was done with a 30 lb. child on my back.
    Sneaky shoulder work-out!

  6. I’m recovered no from shoulder surgery so taking baby steps! 😉

    2 rounds….
    1 min. Plank
    8# PP
    200 singles

    I just heard of this website last night. This is awesome! I’m super excited to jump in!

  7. 40#
    Dus rxd

    2 rds + plank + 6 pp

    Finished 50 dus after clock

  8. Ronna James says:

    Ran 5×400m with a mile cool down.

    4 rounds plus 1 min. plank
    40# PP

  9. 12 SJR short of 5 rounds
    30# PP
    25 jump & tuck/100 SJR

    Lower back is really sore from yesterday. Must have gotten sloppy on form when I got tired.

  10. 2 rounds
    First round done with 45# bar PP
    Second round 10# dumbbells 20# PP
    Single JR

    I’m a slow jump roper but getting much better, jumped 100x without messing up

    Planked for the full minute without taking a knee…that’s huge!

  11. 2 full rounds plus plank, PP and 39 DU of third round. Finished DU after timer.

    30# PP
    DU one at a time

  12. First timer here and got 5 rounds done! Thank you so much for this site!

  13. 2 full rounds & 108 jumps into 3rd
    Straight arm planks
    Finished last sjr in 1 minute.
    Love that tomorrow’s wod is already posted!!

  14. Rebecca Stevens says:

    3 rounds plus plank
    40 lb push press
    50 tuck jumps

  15. Stephanie James says:

    4 rounds plus plank
    Plank on knees

  16. Jen Morse says:

    4 round plus 1 more plank and 3 push press. Only did 100 singles per round because my bladder doesn’t like jump ropes 🙂

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