Monday 12.19.16

WOD Make Up Day

Today is your chance to make up a missed WOD…

Make up your won WOD…

Or pick a favorite WOD from the past!

Post to comments the WOD you did and your time. If you are making up a WOD, go back to that post and post your time on it so you can compare to it the next time we do it.  



  1. 25 squats
    50 walking lunges
    50 donkey kicks (25 each leg)
    50 mountain climbers
    25 hip raises
    25 leg lifts
    25 squats

  2. Run for 35 minutes. Every 5 minutes stop and do 15 burpees. I did not stop clock for burpees this time.
    3.10 miles (treadmill: 3 x 7.0, 6.8, 2 x 6.6)
    75 burpees

    Vs 3.86 miles,12/2/15. I did stop the clock for burpees last year. More running but unlimited burpee time
    Treadmill (2 x 7.0, 6.8, 4 x 6.5)

  3. Jump rope workout 15 minutes then Tabata 8 rounds of jump squats, push-ups, sit-ups

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