Friday 11.25.16

For time:
100 burpees
Post time to comments.




  1. 8:20
    Tried a different strategy to split it into 4 sets of 25
    so I could go as hard as possible on burpees. But I think my rest was too long 😉
    My burpees included chest to ground.

  2. 9:09
    Tried to do them straight through, but stopped halfway for water and to blow my nose (kept time running).

  3. Dude. You guys are crazy. 16:30 while simultaneously playing Just Dance with my 6 year old who also did 100 burpees.

  4. Nice work mamas. Hoping to make this up tomorrow. Was at the gym with family so did a rowing workout. Did:
    13 rounds of:
    1 min row hard
    1 min row slow

    Did almost a 5k. It was maybe 4700m?

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