Monday 06.20.16


10 rounds, each for time of:
15 Push-ups
Sprint 60 yards
Rest 60 seconds

Compare to 06.23.15

Post time to comments.

 Happy Birthday 
  to my handsome hubby!


  1. 15:00
    All boy pu (unbroken)
    2 up/down stairs

    *backyard needs to cleaned up from dog messes, so moved inside

    Followed w/
    100 curls
    100 inclined weighted sit ups
    100 dips
    100 box step ups

  2. 17:30
    Rds 1 & 3 bpu, rd 5 was 5 bpu/10 gpu, rest were all gpu

    Outside. The run was fun, but need a mat next time for pu – pokies in my palms and grass up my nose!

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