Thursday 05.19.16

WOD Make Up Day

Today is your chance to make up a missed WOD…

Make up your won WOD…

Or pick a favorite WOD from the past!

Post to comments the WOD you did and your time. If you are making up a WOD, go back to that post and post your time on it so you can compare to it the next time we do it.  



  1. 4 RFT
    10 inclined sit ups (arms crossed)
    20 WB 12#
    10 KTE

    1-2-3-4….10 reps
    DL 75#

    Followed with 45 bicep curls

  2. AMRAP in 12 mins of
    Run 400m
    5 deadlift (90#)

    5 rds plus 80m

    Vs 5 rds with 7 secs to spare, 70# DL

    Vs 5 rds, 60# DL

    Then did 50 lunges, 50 squats, and 50 donkey kicks. Also did 30 mins of dance cardio before WOD.

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