Tuesday 05.10.16

For time:
1,200-meter run
35 pull-ups, assist as needed
800-meter run
25 pull-ups
400-meter run
15 pull-ups 



  1. Did this last week
    Did 75/50/25 each round
    Split pull ups and boy pu each round so did 75 reps of each exercise

  2. Ran 3 miles

    Ran at the track and didn't have access to a bar, so I subbed push-ups.

    Had to take a few weeks off because of the flu and achilles tendonitis. Feels good to get back into these workouts.

  3. 20:49
    Runs at 7.7, 7.9, 8.1
    Added 40/25/10 push ups on knees to make 75/50/25

    Uber sore from yesterday and my running sucked – I was breathing but felt like no 02.

    1. I'm super sore today too. Don't know that I could've knocked out pull ups/push ups like that…good job!

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