Monday 04.25.16

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 pull-ups, assist as needed
10 push-ups
20 hip raises (challenge yourself: single leg hip raises, 10 each leg)

Post rounds completed to comments.



  1. 7 rounds + pull ups & 7 pu (finished 8th round after timer)
    Pull-ups unassisted and some with slight hop
    Boy dumbbell push-ups
    20# single hip raises- did these slow & methodical

  2. 8 rounds. After timer did 2 more to make everything equal.
    Jumping pull ups and chair assisted. Switched back and forth.
    Boy push ups
    Alternated one leg hip raises
    20 butterfly sit ups (threw those in cuz I wanted to work abs more)

  3. 13 rounds
    Hop pull-ups
    Girl push-ups
    Single leg hip raises

  4. 9 rounds + 4 pull ups
    Round 1 was all self assist pull ups with feet on box in front and all push ups on toes
    Rest of rounds were 5 SA pull ups feet on box and 5 SA pull ups feet on floor. Also each round 5 push ups on toes and 5 on knees.
    All hip raises with #15.

    1. Then did 4 rounds for time of:
      200 SJR
      Run 200m (treadmill at 9.0)
      Rest 30 seconds

  5. 11 rounds
    half pull-ups with reisistance band, half hopping
    single leg hip raises

  6. Completed subbing pull ups for planks (10-20-30 seconds), 2 rounds bou then did GPU lost count after 6 rounds.

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