1. Speedwork at the track 8x400m.

    Did 2k as cool down, so not at full speed.

  2. 11:34

    Followed with Sean Vigue core workout- yikes!

  3. After yesterday's WOD the arch of my right foot started to hurt. Still a lot of pain. No running today.

    1 round:
    30 hang power cleans, 30#
    15 straight leg dips
    15 self assisted pull ups
    Then 2 rounds:
    20 hang power clean, 30#
    10 straight leg dips
    10 sa pull ups
    Then 3 rounds:
    10 hang power cleans, 30#
    5 straight leg dips
    5 sa pull ups


  4. 15 min outside run….super windy and been awhile since I have ran!

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