Wednesday 11.18.15

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 burpees
15 push press, 20 lbs
30 double-unders (120 single jump rope)

Compare to 11.18.14

Post rounds completed to comments.



  1. 60 jumps shy of 10 rounds
    Single jumps
    20 lbs. push-press
    1 potty break. 1 changing of the channel on the tv. 1 set up of car ramp. #momlife

  2. 3 rounds in 12 min before got too dizzy to continue. Did this at the gym so subbed 20 bench jumps for jump rope. Did this after Monday's WOD last night, my arms and shoulders are like jello!

  3. 3 mile run

    8 rounds plus 5 burpees
    40# push press
    Did some double unders, but mostly sjr

  4. 9 rounds in 20:51
    24# PP
    Real SJR

    Vs 9 rounds + burpees + 7 PP
    30# PP
    fake SJR

    Big eye opener! Used a real jump rope today instead of pretending – it's pretty different!

  5. 9 rounds
    As RXed.
    I got up to 20 double unders in a row which is huge progress for me!

    I encourage all of you to start attempting double unders. You use different muscles and they are much more intense than single jump rope.

  6. 7 rounds 30 # push press.
    Single jumps except for last round finally did my first double unders ever!!

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