Monday 09.21.15

For time:
Run 1 mile
100 sit-ups
100 back extensions (superman or body surfers)
Run 1 mile

Mix and match back extensions and sit-ups as needed.

Post time to comments.



  1. 30:09
    Split inclined sit ups/supermans into sets of 4

    * Did this last Thursday when I "thought" it was coming and was mentally prepared for it 🙂

  2. Ran 4.1 miles(35:50)

    Skipped mile runs and just did butterfly sit-ups and back extensions.

  3. Mile 1: 7:07 (new PR)
    Estimated 12 minutes for exercises (forgot to time)
    Mile 2: 8:03

    1. I think my time might have been less for the exercised. Broke them into 50 rep rounds.

  4. 36:14
    Finally got my treadmill, runs have improved but still have a long way to go.

  5. 23:08
    Treadmill at 7.6 for both runs (just under 8:00)
    5 sets of 20 for sit ups/body surfers

    Felt good during 1st run. 2nd run my brain told me I was dying. #notarunner

  6. I have really really painful shin splints so I have to rest from running for a little bit. So since I missed the 9/11 wod from working all day that day, I did that wod today. 28:39. I couldn't do the double under or jump ropes though, I did 50 and my shins fell like they were breaking haha. Time for some ice and stretching!

  7. Correction 29:15 Dang strava made me run 2 miles the first round.

  8. Ran 4 miles pushing 2 toddlers
    then went home and did 2 rounds of 50 sit ups 50 back extensions
    total time 45:54

  9. My first mile, pushing a double stroller, was 8:43. My timer stopped during the sit ups/supermans. My second mile was 8:13 (no stroller).

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