Thursday 09.03.15

For time:
100 wall-ball shots, 10-lb. ball

Post time to comments.


  1. 7:20.
    Heat index 96° at 9am.
    (Humidity 84%.)
    Sweat is Running off of me right now.

  2. 4:14
    no ball or basketball so sub for kettle bell swings

  3. Just did this 3 days ago so repeat WOD from 7/2/14.
    In 12 mins:
    10 burpees
    100 jump rope

    7 rounds plus burpees. Same as last year. 🙁

  4. Went back and forth all day about doing this one… just did it on Tuesday and I'm SUPER sore from it.
    Tuesday completed it after 5K in 4:31

    Today completed it after 1 mile run in 4:03.
    I was surprised that I went faster, but I was determined to just keep going.

  5. 4:01 8lb ball, (it's all I have!) full squat and jump on every one

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