Monday 07.06.15

For time:
80 squats
70 push-ups
60 one-legged squats, alternating
50 single jump rope
40 single-arm overhead squats, 10 lb dumbbell
30 handstand push-ups (scale as needed)
20 thrusters, 10-15 lb dumbbells
10 pull-ups (assist as needed)

Post time to comments.


  1. I did squats and push-ups (boy) in 7:50.
    Then fed baby so he could join me in the basement for the remainder of workout, which was about 12 min and I did 5 real pull-ups! The rest I did with skinny black band! Love progress!!
    Total time was about 20 min

    1. Used 15 for oh squats
      Held onto basement pole during 1 legged squats
      Half were 40 lb thrusters and half were 60 lb thrusters

  2. 14:22
    Mpu, hspu (knees on coffee table) 30# thrusters, jumping pull-ups

  3. 14:09
    40 GPU 30 BPU (got half way down. Working on it :))
    Knees on couch for handstand push ups
    Pull ups using kitchen table.

  4. 12:35
    Girl push-ups
    Knees on couch for handstands
    Jump pull-ups
    (Poured milk into a bowl of cereal somewhere in the middle…)

  5. 13:01
    Split the push-ups and one leg squats into 2 sets. 15 full HSPU, then scaled.
    30# thrusters.

  6. 18:36
    All boy push ups
    One legged squats- modified (lowered to sit on box then raised back up)
    20# OHS
    HSPU on 21" barstool- back against wall
    40# thrusters
    Unassisted pull ups

  7. 5 mile run

    feet on chair for hspu
    35# thrusters
    jumping pull-ups

    60 mountain climbers

  8. 13:58
    Half boy half girl PU
    Feet on bench for HSPU
    Jump assist on half pull ups

  9. 16:46
    Butt to floor through workout – all squats
    GPU to the floor
    Pistols down to fit ball (no bouncing)
    15# OHS
    HSPU with knees on bench
    30# thrusters
    Reverse pull ups

    And I got to smell poopy diaper the whole time. Yay!

  10. 13:34
    Pistol hanging on door frame, 10# overhead squats feet turned out alternating arm every 10, feet on bar stool for pushups, 30# thrusters, band asstd pull ups.

  11. 20:24
    Pistols in door frame
    HSPU with knees on the couch
    Standing pull-ups

  12. 22:36 standing pull ups, 8 attempted hand stand push ups, push ups with feet on a bar stool, otherwise as rx'd

  13. 14:12 lunges instead of one leg squats, push ups on box 35# thruster 12.5# oh squat

  14. 25:25
    1 mile run warm up
    Regular squats
    Regular push ups
    33lb bar thrusters

  15. 18:46, girl push up, one legged squats with bench, chair assisted pull up, regular push UPS instead of handstand (they hurt my wrist), 5# one arm squats, 10# thrusters

  16. 16:54, gpu, pistols with band assist, 10# overhead squats, hspu with knees on couch, 20# thrusters, 10 jumping pullups before I fell over from exhaustion 🙂

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