Friday 07.03.15

4 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
40 Supermans or Body Surfers
30 Push-ups

Compare to 06.26.14

Post time to comments.


  1. 14:54
    10 regular push-ups on first and second rounds, mpu on rest

  2. 13:37 (worse than a year ago) that was TORTURE!
    First round included an 18-month-old climbing on me for body surfers.
    Girl push-ups.
    Sore already! Yikes!

  3. 14:07
    Two rounds body surfers two rounds BSU
    Each round did 10 BPU rest GPU

  4. 12:06
    15 bpu/ 15 bus each round

    Did strength training yesterday on my arms and needed to give them a bit of a rest!

    Have a happy and safe 4th!

  5. 16:10
    Butt to floor on squats
    30# bench for push ups

    Tough weeks of WODs. My legs are toast! Happy Independence Day, Mamas!

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