Thursday 06.18.15

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 pull-ups
10 handstand push-ups (scale as needed)
20 hip raises

Post rounds completed to comments.


  1. 11 rounds in 20:28
    Every other round full hspu, others with feet on 18" bench.

  2. Ran 8x400m at the track.
    Stadium runs

    10 rounds
    jumping pull-ups
    Feet on chair for push-ups
    5 rounds regular hip raises and 5 rounds one legged hip raises.

  3. 5 rounds in 10 min
    Ran out of time
    Pull ups with kitchen table
    Hip raises

  4. 10 rounds, assisted pull ups, knees on couch for push ups.

  5. 11 rounds plus 1 pull up
    Reverse pull ups
    Knees on bench for HSPU
    feet on 6" bench for hip raises

    Tired and sore today. Did 3 WODs yesterday to make up from vacation.

  6. 9 rounds plus 10 pullups and 7 pushups
    Band Assisted Pull-ups
    Pushups – 5 Rounds all boy pushups (unbroken)
    5 Rounds – 5 boy pushups & 5 girl pushups
    Hip Raises with 25 lbs.

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