Monday 06.01.15


5 rounds for time of:
Butterfly sit-ups

20 Sumo-deadlift high-pulls, 20 lbs

Compare to 05.30.14

Happy Birthday
(last Saturday)
 to my sister-in-law Clair!!


  1. 9:18
    30 lbs
    Using abmat and
    Tailbone staying down as long as possible on way up so I don't use my legs—arms crossed for bfsu

  2. 10:00
    Rounds 1, 3, 5- inclined sit ups w/ arms crossed
    Rounds 2 & 4- reverse crunches

    Warmed up with 5×5 strength training

  3. 8:25 25 weeks pregnant. First time I've completed one in a while, even though I've been here several times

  4. 12:58 as rxd. Looking at these times I feel like i did something wrong, but dl always gives me back pain so I tried to watchy form.

  5. Ran 1 mile in treadmill during afternoon then did this tonight
    20# dlhp
    Only did crunches as I tore skin doing tues workout so that area hurts. Mon when this posted I did a leg tabata workout as that's what I did this Wed instead.

  6. 10:20, 10# BC I wasn't at home and had to work with what I had.

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