Friday 05.29.15

15-12-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters, 20-30 lbs
Pull-ups (assist as needed)
Butterfly sit-ups

Post time to comments.



  1. Ran 1.5 miles to warm up
    4:35 as rxed
    Legs sore from those sprints!!

  2. 4:54
    20 lb thrusters
    BPUs instead of pull ups

  3. 7:58
    35# thrusters
    12 jump pull ups- the rest were unassisted
    Sit-ups on inclined bench arms crossed

  4. 5:50
    20# thruster
    Pull ups on weighted machine
    Sit ups on machine

  5. 6:02, jumping pullups and subbed bfsu for crunches and reverse crunches (diastasis)

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