Monday 05.25.15

For time:
21 Weighted squats, 40-60 lbs
Rest 3 minutes
15 Weighted squats, 40-60 lbs
Rest 3 minutes
9 Weighted squats, 40-60 lbs

Compare to 05.26.14

Post time to comments.

Happy Memorial Day
In honor of all of our servicemen, past or present, who serve our country and keep us free.


  1. I ran 3 minutes before and after each thing so my total workout time was 15:30….. Did 60 lbs on squats but definitely need to go heavier next time. I'm good and sweaty though so I'm happy! Thanks to all who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom! Happy Memorial Day!

  2. 8:26

    Did 90 crunches on first 3 min break
    Did 60 boy push ups on second break
    Added 15 more squats to end of 8:26 workout for a total of 60 squats
    1 mile on elliptical
    Total Workout time- 19:54

    * tried to make a "mini murph"out of the wod- thank you to those who have served our country!

  3. Ran 6 miles

    65# squats
    Jump rope during first rest
    Box jumps during second rest

  4. 6:42
    Only 1 minute rests between each round because short on time. 25 lb. baby on my shoulders as my weight.

  5. Did another wod than this wod. Was impatient so didn't take 3 min breaks on 15&9. 60 then 50 50 lbs. 54 secs, 24, 9

  6. 7:13
    2 minute breaks
    75 lbs squats. That was the most I've ever tried to squat. I think I'll start using that weight more often on squats.

  7. 5:51. First two other 30# and last with 50#. Didn't take the full 3 rest.

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