Thursday 05.14.15

7 rounds of:
15 hip raises (squeeze at the top!!)
3 boy push-ups

Compare to 05.19.14 


  1. 4:43
    20# on hips
    Boy deficit push ups

    Followed with 4 rounds
    5 burpees
    8 box jumps ( step ups)
    20 sec plank

  2. I Forgot to start the timer!!! And do know what is hilarious?? I did that last time for this WOD. Something about this workout doesn't want to be timed!
    20# 1 1/2 songs completed

  3. 4:23 push-ups weren't all the way down, but I'm making progress!

    1. Ha ha. The date was wrong but the link was correct.

  4. 5:57 really paused and squeezed at the top… Regular push ups

  5. Substituted bicycle crunches due to hip raises yesterday. Completed 8/05/15: running injury
    Time 8:20 with a little interruption from 4yo.

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