Tuesday 05.12.15

5 rounds for time of:
Run 250 meters
16 pull-ups (assist as needed)
9 push-ups

Post time to comments.



  1. 19:14
    29 pull ups unassisted, rest w/ assist
    Boy push ups

  2. 19:33
    Accidentally ran almost 400 meters per round. Whoops! Must've needed that extra cardio.
    8 jumping pull ups and 8 chair-assist per round
    All Mpu

  3. Found out this morning I have strep. Oh joy. May be another day or two till I'm back. 🙁

  4. Still sick with strep so very modified. Wanted to do something.

    Sub 125 SJR for runs
    Sub 30# PP for pull ups

  5. 19:03, the distance was estimated. Chair assisted pull ups. First and last round boy push ups, other rounds girl push ups. Had to go through my house each time to get to my pull up bar from outside. 🙂

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