Tuesday 03.17.15

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:
7 pull-ups (assist as needed)
50 wall-ball shots, 10-lb. ball to 10 feet
100 double-unders (sub: 400 single jump rope)

Post rounds completed to comments.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



  1. 1 round plus pull-ups and 40 wall ball. Finished last 10 wall ball and jump rope after time.

  2. Subbed thrusters for wall ball, 16lb
    2 rounds plus pull-ups and 15 thrusters

  3. 2 rounds plus pull-ups and wall-ball for 3rd round.
    Jump pull-ups
    Basketball wall-ball
    Single jumps

  4. 2 rounds + pull ups and 10 wall balls, jumping roping really slowed me down this morning 🙁

  5. only did 200 jump rope per round.
    Band Assisted Pull-ups.
    10 lb ball

    2 rounds plus pull-ups and 40 wall balls in 14 minutes
    Completed all 3 rounds in 17 minutes.

  6. 2 rounds
    As RXed.
    Finished last 49 double unders 1:41 after timer.

  7. 1 round plus pull ups, thrusters and 6 SJR
    First pull ups jumping second reverse, subbed 30# thrusters and SJR.

    Ran 2.30 mi before workout

  8. 1.rd plus pull-ups, wb, and 200 jr on 2nd.
    Did band assisted pull-ups
    Single jr.

  9. 2 rounds + pull ups and 20 thrusters. Subbed 10# thrusters for wall ball shots. Chair assisted pull ups. sjr

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