Friday 02.27.15

50 push-ups in one set
Run 5K

Post times for push-ups and time for 5K separately.


  1. This WOD was a repeat from 2/27/14.

    2:03 GPU chest to ground
    5k in 26:55

    Vs 2:29 (not to ground) and 30ish for 5k

    My body always thinks it's dying when I run. That being said, that was my fastest 5k in my life!!

  2. Did all boy push-ups. Took me forever though. 7:28. Probably took a bit longer because I was asking for advice on my form as I went.

    Did 25 minutes of running drills because I have four mile run planned tomorrow.

    I'm so stinking sore this week. Great WODs.

  3. Gpu in 1:24 chest to ground. Run in 27 even, my fastest time yet since starting my first 90 day challenge in July!

  4. 2:42 for push ups. Gpu (right after rock climbing, so my arms were already a little sore!)

    25:16 (I think. It was 25 something…) for the run. On a treadmill.

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